For the next couple of weeks, our Co-founder and Yoga Teacher, MARCELA MOTA, will share her Wisdom about YIN YOGA in relation to the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine
E A R T H  E L E M E N T
Which Organs and Meridians are Targeted when working on the Earth Element?
- Stomach 
- Spleen
Which Yin Asanas work the Earth Element?
- Reclining butterfly
- Happy baby
- Half saddle
- Dragon
- Sphinx variation with knee out to side
- Butterfly
- Reclining twist
- Final relaxation and meditation
- Hold each pose for 3-5 min
- Take rebound (break) of 1-2 min in between each of them: rebound can be in child's pose, savasana shape or any other comfortable pose for you
What are the Benefits of having a Well Nourished Earth Element?
- It helps us to develop a feeling of Groundeness
- A sense of being fully embodied, whole
- Improve the balance in ourselves and our relationships.
What is the Earth Element Affiliated with on a Emotional Level?
- The Earth element is commonly affiliated with the worry or rumination emotion. 
- When our minds are busy over-thinking it hinders us from being grounded and impairs harmony between the mind-body connection. 
What is the Earth Element Associated with on a Physical Level?
-  The spleen (not the same as Western medical spleen), is related to  to do digestive system. 
- A person with a poor digestive system usually cannot think clearly, hence the importance of a well functioning spleen. 
What is the Earth Element Affiliated with on a Mental Level?
- A person with a well functioning Spleen, tend to feel more centered and grounded
- This enables us to reduce stress
- It helps to keep life in perspective when it gets tough, and that can help maintain optimal physical health.
- Thinking is also endowed to the Earth Element; therefore, over studying can result in a compromised Earth Element. As one of my TCM teachers says, studying drinks the blood. 
October 18, 2019 — Marcela Mota