Free Spirits, Yogis, Parents & Jungle Dancers

"Move past your current perception of what you think is possible" Chelsey Korus


Freedom, Authenticity & Responsability - we aim to inspire people to express freely and to own who they are, in their magnificent uniqueness, physically, mentally, spiritually. We also support the alignment with oneself to make responsible choices.


Passionately Doing & Trust - when we do things with passion and trust, loving the process... we achieve the most magical results. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve incredible things if they choose to, and we know they have the power to choose. Showing one person that, it's for us worth the sale of one thousand pants.


Collaboration & Sharing - we believe and promote abundance and positivity. We believe in the power of the collective! We are not afraid to share, and not interested to compete, with anyone, at any level. We love collaboration, and believe there is more than enough, for everyone. We love sharing!

Gypsy Amazon's aim is to bring more of YOU, out of yourself

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Meet The Team

Tatiana Okuma

Tatiana has 19 years of experience in the corporate world, mostly as a Financial Advisor and Relationship Manager for banks such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada and CSHG, in different parts of the world. After having lived with her son in 3 different countries, she decided to make life choices that were more in alignment with her true values. She moved to Thailand to become a passionate yoga practitioner and later on, the co-founder of Gypsy Amazon Conscious Yoga Wear. She is particularly enthusiastic about connections, creativity, self empowerment, and self responsibility, all clearly reflected in the way Gypsy Amazon conducts its business 

Marcela Mota

Marcela also left her corporate career to become a hands on International Yoga Teacher and mom. Marcela and her Gypsy Amazon Viking Family have travelled the world with their baby for the past 2 years, graduating yoga teachers in Thailand and Bali. She is the co-founder Gypsy Amazon, but since her true passion is teaching, she chose to follow her path and create the Yin Yoga 5 Elements Academy, that offers Teacher Trainings and Retreats in different parts of the world. World Gypsy and soul sister, she is a Special Ambassador of Gypsy Amazon.

Ambassadors Tribe

Gypsy Amazon was inspired by community, collaboration, and sisterhood support. Our Ambassador's Tribe reflect that beautifully. They are a very important part of us! Please refer to the Ambassador session of this website to know more about our Collaboration Program.

Singaporean Team

As digital nomads, we benefit from the right to choose freely where to set up our business in a reliable and efficient way. We choose Singapore, as the jurisdiction for our legal structure and logistic centre. We trust them to handle our worldwide shipments impeccably. 


- Half Brazilian, half Japanese

- Yoga Freak, Gypsy Mama

- 19 years of International Private Banking

- Left the matrix to be a barefoot entrepreneur on Koh Samui, Thailand

"-  I Love Freedom, Comfort, High Quality and The Planet

- Sharing is my Favorite Thing

- Inspired by self empowerment  and diversity"

Tatiana Okuma 

"Allow Yourself to Transform as Many Times as You Need to Be Fully Happy and Free" Yung Pueblo

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