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About us

From Lifestyle to Conscious Yoga Brand

"Move past your current perception of what you think is possible" Chelsey Korus


Freedom, Authenticity & Responsability - we aim to inspire people to express freely and to own who they are, in their magnificent uniqueness, physically, mentally, spiritually. We also support the alignment with oneself to make responsible choices.


Passionately Doing & Trust - when we do things with passion and trust, loving the process... we achieve the most magical results. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve incredible things if they choose to, and we know they have the power to choose. Showing one person that, it's for us worth the sale of one thousand pants.


Collaboration & Sharing - we believe and promote abundance and positivity. We believe in the power of the collective! We are not afraid to share, and not interested to compete, with anyone, at any level. We love collaboration, and believe there is more than enough, for everyone. We love sharing!

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Gypsy Amazon Today

Like everything else, Gypsy Amazon went through a lot of transformation since that first suitcase in 2017. We have implemented a plastic recycling project, and started collecting 1 kilo of plastic for each pair of leggings produced. With this initiative, Gypsy Amazon has financed the collection and recycling of 5 tons of plastic in Brazil. We have established our company in Singapore, and opened our e-commerce in 2019. With the assistance of an efficient logistic structure, in 2020 we have shared the magic through our yoga wear with customers in 39 countries. What’s the plan? To improve, expand and evolve, meanwhile creating comfortable, cute and conscious yoga outfits and sharing so much fun with your guys!

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