How can we help to avoid the perpetuation of this violence and discrimination?
Patriarchal Values
In the predominately Hindu culture of Nepal, patriarchal values permeate much of everyday life.  World Bank reports that South Asia have the highest rate of female to male mortality, child marriage, and partner violence. Ideological, sociocultural, and religious norms are the ultimate determinants of its pervasiveness and the key reason legislative interventions have had little impact. 
Karma & Abuse
Karma, the idea previous good or bad actions determine your lot in this existence, plays a vital role in the trauma inflicted upon girls and women.  This mindset posits women having been less pious than men in previous lives, consequently rendering them deserving of the injustices and abuse inflicted upon them.
Gender Based Violence 
As women are regarded as subservient to men; this attitude translates to less access to education, citizenship, and civil rights. Sons are prized and mothers are praised for birthing them.  Conversely, mothers birthing daughters are chastised; verbally and physically abused for the perceived drain on the community.
In 2011, the State of the World’s Children Report found that 23% of Nepali women between the ages of 15 and 49, considered their husband justified in hitting/beating them if they argued, burnt the dinner, or neglected the children.  Many girls and women consequently remain in the sex trade to ‘pay back’ their ‘karmic debt’ and to provide financial support for their family to offset their burden. 
The gender based violence and discrimination is not a simple problem, and lacks a simple solution. It requires a Trauma-Informed Mental Health approach. When girls and women heal the trauma of abuse, it empowers them and their communities to THRIVE, not just survive. Psychological and emotional recovery is the cornerstone of lasting recovery. 
What Can We do About it?
Art to Healing is a charity consisting of an international team of specialist trauma-informed practitioners, therapists and researchers dedicated to the psychological and emotional recovery of children and women who have experienced child sex slavery, exploitation and sexual abuse. Delivering tailor-designed, evidence-based psychosocial therapeutic programs, education and professional development to allow for women and girls to repair, recover and return to a life free from sex slavery.
These trauma-informed modalities include Expressive Art and Play Therapies, Counselling Fundamentals, Somatic Experiencing Ⓡ, Neurosequential Model (NMT), Women’s Reproductive and Sexual Health education, and body-mind approaches such as yoga and mindfulness programs with global anti-trafficking partners working throughout Asia and Australia.
By donating to Art to Healing, you will be supporting the recovery of children and women to return to a life free from slavery. As we are a grassroots charity, every cent counts! Thank you 
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August 24, 2019 — Tatiana Okuma