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10% OFF - Valo Design

VALO is a Finish Clothing brand, unconventional and stylish, it calls in and supports global transformation towards a new sustainable earth. They aim to deconstruct all limiting society norms which are not based on personal well being and encourage every individual to seek his/her own way, to dream, and to build a new foundation based on those dreams.


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20% OFF - Malas by Design

To celebrate our cooperation, Malas by Design is generously offering 20% OFF for the Gypsy Amazon little community. We hope you will enjoy it, and get your beautiful  mala to celebrate with us!

COUPON CODE: gypsylove

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10% OFF Sukhari Designs

Sukhari Designs is a Balinese brand.  Colorful, unique & elegant. Each hand-crafted Sukhari Fan takes around three weeks to be produced.  Carved, polished wooden spokes and handle. Varying in size, colour and design, these fans draw on sacred geometry.


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10% OFF - Thaivedic

Thaivedi is a global system uniting holistic medicine and people, in order to bring together the world's most effective healing arts. It has a special focus on Ayrvedic concepts, Thai massage and Yoga Therapies. We believe these practices to be the key to human evolution, happiness and living spiritually purposeful lives.

Thaivedic is now offering the Foundations of  Bodywork ONLINE COURSE, and Gypsy Amazon Family Discount gives you 10% OFF by using this code


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20% OFF Ipanii

Ipanii is a German eco-friendly swim wear brand. Alle products are made in Europe, using lycra made out of recycled plastic. Ipanii designs are for every woman, including but not restricted to breast cancer survivors. Swimwear for brave souls.

Mission: Solidarity & Sisterhood


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15% OFF - Strawganic

Collaboration Partners since the beginning of our journeys. Strawganic is a Swiss eco-friendly brand that produces reusable straws and many other conscious living related products.

Say No to single use plastic, and order your environmental friendly products with a discount.


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10% OFF - Secrets of Jade

- Cultivation of divine feminine

- Increased orgasmic pleasure

- Balances the monthly flow of blood

- Stimulate of key reflexology points

- Increase Chi (life force energy)

- Tightens and tones of the lady parts

- Improved bladder control

- Faster recovery after giving birth

- Prevention of uterine prolapse

CODE: GypsyAmazon 

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Vikasa Yoga

Vikasa Yoga retreat in Thailand is for me an exemple of a business that started with a dream and great intentions, and a few years later became one of the hightlights of the island. More than just a hotel with yoga. Vikasa Yoga Re­treat aims to inspire  transformation,  elevates human consciousness and even perhaps trigger major lifestyle changes.


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15% OFF - Pure Flow Yoga

1, 3 & 6 Session Packages Available

Available worldwide, these 60 or 90-minute individualised sessions are designed to offer you deep listening, guidance, perspective, meditation, healing, and action-planning based on your own personal needs.

Pure Flow Yoga aims to offer you a safe and sacred space to unwind, unravel, connect, share, from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

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Sanctuary Thailand

Home! The place that connected us all, first to oursevels, then to each other. The Sanctuary, in Had Tien, Koh Phangan is the heart of the magic tribay. Wonderful beaches, yoga, vegetarian restaurant, holistic healing, detox and yes jungle parties for dancing souls...

Gypsy Amazon Family benefits include:

- FREE Welcome Yoga Class

- 4th Night FREE - if you stay 3


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37,5% OFF Professional Photoshoot by Nina Seignette

If you are a on Koh Samui running your business or just on holidays, you may want o capture remarkable moments.

Special Discount for Gypsy Amazon Family

1 Hour Photoshoot THB 5,000 (instead of THB 8,000)

DISCOUNT CODE: gypsy2021

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