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For every legging, one kg of plastic that will never reach our oceans.

According to a report by the Ellen McArthur foundation, it is expected the global production of plastics is going to double over the next two decades, yet only 14% of this amount is actually collected and sent back into new production processes. If this trend continue, there could be more plastic than fish (by weight) in our oceans by 2050.

The main reason for the low recycling rates is the lack of commercial viability in the reverse logistic chains of plastic materials.

In order to reduce the impact of plastic on the planet, Gypsy Amazon has financed the collection, sorting and reintroduction of 2 TONS OF PLASTICs into the recycling chain.

Besides protecting our oceans from incorrect disposal of plastic waste, the recycling of these materials also reduces emissions of green house gases. The extraction of raw materials used in virgin plastics supply chain has a much bigger carbon footprint than its recycling processes.

For every ton of plastic sent to recycling, the emission of approximately 0.63 tons of CO2 equivalents is avoided.

Along with the launch of their new collection they are increasing that volume to 5 tons.