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For every piece produced, 1 kg of plastic that won't reach the sea

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Bold prints - Vibrant colors - Made in Brazil
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New Biodegradable Fabric - Amni® Soul Eco technology

The perfect blend of style and performance, this fabric provides soft touch and the right elasticity for making pieces that require freedom of movement. It's main feature is excellent coverage that favors pieces with less transparency, being approved with the Amni Soul Eco tecnology.

Amni® Soul Eco,the world's first biodegradable yarn, has an enhanced polyamide allowing clothes to quickly decompose after being properly discarded. Its decomposition to be up to 10 times* faster in landfills and about 20 times** faster in the oceans, reducing the accumulation of textile waste on the planet and reducing the environmental impact of the textile chain.This technology keeps the durability and quality of the garments while still offering the polyamide fiber benefits (soft touch, comfort, easy care, etc.)

"Our products are made for those who don’t wish to hide. Hoping to inspire people to love themselves, to move, to feel good, and to create a life that suits them."

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Gypsy Amazon has financed the recycling of more than 6 tons of plastic in Brazil. But the way we actually guarantee we are not polluting the planet is by making high quality garments that are made to be loved for many years, and still be your favorite piece. We know that once a client gets tired or it doesn't fit it anymore, the piece won't die in the bin, it will be passed on to a sister or a best friend. And we could not love that more.

From the people
From the people
I finally ordered a pair of black onyx and... all I can say is I live in them now. They are sooo flattering, comfortable, and truly made for movement. Highly recommend!
— Chris Matroud
Black Onyx Leggings - Best Seller
From the people
I LOVE THIER LEGGINS!!!!! Super fit yet light and comfort. Definitely the kind of outfits that makes you want to do move more!!!
— Nashwa Bliss
the goal is not to escape

Stay Present

Feel the Gift

Celebrating Uniqueness

Gypsy Amazon celebrates the uniqueness intrinsic to every individual. In a world where everybody wants to impress, nothing is more impressive than authentic expression. All our prints are digital, and limited edition only.

The Art of Inner Peace

Movement can be art, fashion can be art. But what we most care about, is to master the art of living a life that suits us. Everything that makes us more aware about who we are is welcome, movement and fashion included.

Comfortable & confident

Whether on your mat, or on the street. Perhaps on the beach, or maybe in the city. Gypy Amazon was made with one thing in mind, we deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter what we are doing, workout and yoga included.