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Gypsy Amazon

1 pair of leggings = 1 kilo of plastic that will not reach the Amazonian rivers

Gypsy Amazon Conscious Activewear - Made in Brazil

Gypsy Amazon is a conscious activewear brand, idealized in Thailand and handcrafted in Brazil. Famous for comfortable and flattering leggings that last forever, Gypsy Amazon achieves perfect fit with mild compression. We only work with high quality Brazilian fabrics, that are soft, light, stretchy and quick drying.

From metallic block colours to groovy patterns, Gypsy Amazon pieces are expressive, playful & made to last.

Sustainability: For every piece produced, Gypsy Amazon collects 1 kilo of plastic in Brazil. Carbon Free Packaging is included.


In the past 3 years, Gypsy Amazon has financed the
collection and sortation of OVER SEVEN TONS of plastic
that will no longer pollute our beautiful Amazon River.

Every pair of leggings sold = 1 kilo of Plastic
introduced into the Recycling chain in Brazil.

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