The Last Element; and my favourite! 

F I R E  
Namaste Everyone,
I am really sorry for my delay on this post. There was a lot going on in the past months with new collection arrival, Xmas time, and then holidays and beach parties to start this decade, before Corona got me really focused, making me realise that I ended up not sharing the last blog of the Yin Yoga & 5 Elements Series, written by my dear sis, Marcela Mota. 
The last, but not least, it's actually my favourite element, FIRE. So powerful when in balance, so destructive when out of it. Enjoy the reading, and hopefully, your Yin session afterwards!
F I R E   E L E M E N T
Which Meridians are Associate with the Fire Element?
This is the only element that has 2 pairs of meridians associated to it, instead of only one, like all the other elements.
- Heart & small intestines
- Pericardium and Triple Warmer
What is the main organ related to Fire Element?
The main organ is the heart, also known as "The Emperor", it's responsible to for circulating the blood throughout the body, and thus nourishing all of the internal organs. They say "keep the Emperor happy, and the rest will fall into place"
What does Chinese Medicine says about the Heart?
According to Chinese Medicine, the Heart holds the Shen, the Spirit, and represents the outward expression of individual energy
Which season is related to Fire, in Chinese Medicine?
The Fire Elements is associated with Summer, when the world is in full bloom!
Which Emotions are Associated with Fire?
On a deep emotional level, the element of fire is related to passion, love and joy.  It reaches out into the world through expressions of enthusiasm, expansiveness and the drive for warm connections and interactions. 
How can you describe the Fire Type people?
Fire type people live in the moment, and use both, personal magnetism and their gift of expression to draw people close to them. When in balance, Fire types are jovial, affectionate and optimistic.
What does it happen if Fire types get Out of Balance?
When out of balance, Fire types can be overly emotional, anxious, and self-destructive. They are often volatile and restless by nature, and when out of balance tend to develop anxiety and heart problems, and addiction to alcohol and coffee.
What would be your recommendation of Yin Sequence to balance the Fire Element?
- Melting Heart (Anahatasana)    
- Dragonfly (Upavistakonasana)    
- Supported Backbend-Chest/Heart Openers 
- Sphinx/Seal (Bhujangasana)
Hold the pose for 3-5 minutes, with 1 minute rebound in between.
Breathe and enjoy it!
April 21, 2020 — Marcela Mota