Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd
Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd
Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd
Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd
Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd
Vienna Bandeau Top - Gypsy Amazon Pte Ltd

Vienna Bandeau Top


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Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world, with approximately half the city consisting of parks, forests, agricultural land and floating gardens on the Danube Canal. 

About the Color: this is similar to a pine green, with a metallic finish. It is shiny and sophisticated, and in fact one of my favorite colors of this collection. A perfect fit for many of our prints and easy to mix and match with several block colors. I also consider this one of the most versatile off the mat options to compose day-to-day outfits for different occasions. 


 About the Design - Bandeau Top

My ALL time favorite! I wear this design every day, all the time, everywhere. Perfect if you don’t normally wear a bra and love having total freedom for your neck and shoulders. Very flattering for small bust sizes on or off the mat.  This design may require adjustments during your practice and workouts. This top is not recommended for larger bust sizes (cup size C or bigger). Wear on or off the mat, on the beach, or easily pair with cool outfits, especially as this design is not too sporty.

All Gypsy Amazon activewear is made from high quality Brazilian Lycra, manufactured by women receiving fair wages and working under fair labour practices.

For every pair of leggings produced, Gypsy Amazon finances the collection, sortation and introduction of 1kg of plastic waste into the recycling chain in Brazil. So far Gypsy Amazon has financed over five tonnes of trash from polluting our beautiful Amazon River.

We offer Carbon Free Packaging for all Gypsy Amazon products.


Size Guide: This product is available in One Size Fits All

Recommendation for a comfortable fit: XS, S, S/M


About the Fabric - Fit Lycra

Look good, feel good! Sometimes you just want to add a hugging figure spandex top to your outfit, perhaps now more than ever. When you do, you’ll most likely reach for our fabulous Fit Lycra, with mild compression. Available in several solid metallic colors, and a few striking patterns. It provides flattering fit, high-quality fabric and chic aesthetic. They are perfect to pair with anything in your wardrobe. If you prioritize comfort in both your workout and your everyday life, this fabric is for you.

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