Marrakesh Shorts

2,250.00 ฿

Marrakesh Pattern

Inspired by the most iconic city in Morocco, which by the way has been crowned as the first African Capital of Culture. Also known as the Red City, Marrakesh is famous for its architectural, artistic and cultural legacy. This print transports me to a labyrinth with inner courtyards, to riad gardens of a palace; in an architectural style which has European, African and Arab influences. This detailed pattern is adventurous, jovial and a delight to the senses, just like Marrakesh.


About the Design - Shorts

Finally, our Gypsy Amazon shorts are launched and I cannot wait to hear what you think! This design is inspired by my pole dancing classes. They are designed to be small, yet not reveal too much. Perfect for home workouts or to wear leisurely. The adjustable sides allow you to make them suitable for your body and taste.  These are also great for the beach!


Size Guide

This product is available only in One Size Fits All

Recommendation for a comfortable fit: XS, S and SM.


About the Fabric - Butter Lycra