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The base of this earring is the Nepalese beads, which is handcrafted using brass and natural stones. It is an incredibly joyful and sophisticated combination, which you will enjoy forever.

Feathers: 60 feathers brown, orange, and caramel
Fittings: Nepalese bead, Swarovski, turquoise, crystals from America, a hook from surgical steel, strong rope.
Length: 21 cm


- They work solely with the feathers of birds, raised in freedom.

- Do not order by market demand, accepting what nature has to offer at given time

- Work with local communities in Bali, mainly women

- All products are made by hand, and heart


Feathers are sometimes referred to as waste and burned. Here instead, they are purchased and recycled into wonderful creations.

  1. Disinfection
  2. Some are dyed with natural batik paint
  3. Selection: sorted by color, size and shape.
  4. There are around 6000 colors.
  5. Design
  6. Assembling of feathers
  7. At least 7 people are working with every product and their efforts always are paid decently

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