Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora
Jada Fedora

Jada Fedora

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The Jada Fedora is a basic fedora given a contemporary makeover. From natural straw shades to vibrant colors, this hat is all about embracing the materials. It has a curved brim, which essentially reduces the size of the brim. It comes with a bright, contrasting ribbon to complete the look. This unisex fedora can make any casual look more fun. 

It comes from Mossant, one of the oldest hat brands in the world, originating in Paris. The brand is known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their signature designs promote individuality and uniqueness.

The hat can be adjusted with a velcro inner band, to tie it and fit it to your head. You can expect to reduce the size by 1 - 2cm

Mossant, The hat brand originated from Paris is one of the oldest in the world since 1833. Mossant uses traditional refined handicrafts for each hat to ensure top quality signature designs. the brand aims to be as unique as the individual who wears them.


  • Hat Material: 100% Raffia
  • Ribbon : Cotton
  • Brand: Mossant
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Hat Size :  (M)57cm, (L)59cm, (XL)61cm
  • Hat Crown: Height 12cm
  • Hat Brim: Width 5cm

inner adjustable velcro band reduce the size by 1 - 2 cm

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