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Environmentally friendly, sustainable and unique: Our partner for this section is the Swiss start-up Strawganic, which relies on reusable, colourful glass and metal straws, to help reduce plastic waste in today's throwaway society.


A Straw. A short, lightweight tube made of plastic. After a few puffs, it ends up in the trash. No big deal! Just imagine: all 7 billion people on earth are doing the same thing today. Still no big deal? In the USA alone, around 500 million drinking straws are used and thrown away every day. At an average weight of about 0.3 grams per straw, this amounts to 150 tons of plastic per day. In most other countries, unfortunately, the balance does not look any better. A considerable proportion of this ends up in our oceans, destroying sensitive ecosystems and endangering the lives of countless marine animals. So a small item of plastic develops an immense effect in the mass!

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6 products