Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White
Monstera White

Monstera White

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About this Product

Jungle Jetsetter’s Fisherman Couture line comprises our soon-to-be-classic pieces, crafted from high quality, vintage-inspired lace. Each pair of pants goes perfectly with high heels for a summer party in Paris....and just as perfectly with bare feet while jumping off a long-tail boat in the middle of the Andaman Sea—after a glass of Bellini. They’re the ultimate statement piece for someone who is understated.

We offer two signature textile designs featuring natural motifs that have inspired us in different ways.

Originating from the tropical regions of the Americas, Monsteras are known for their (very) large and leathery dark green leaves. Monstera is Latin for “monstrous” or “abnormal”, referring to the graphic leaves’ striking gaps and holes. It is this very “abnormality” that makes the Monstera plant so beloved; they instantly lift up the energy of any room they’re in. They remind us to value our uniqueness: no more comparing, but embracing our natural gifts and differences.

The hummingbird is a tiny yet powerful and colorful creature. Possessing a heart the size of a grape, it is able to flap its wings for over 20 hours—without taking a break. This smallest of birds is full of courage and power. As a spirit animal, it reminds us of the lightness of being; finding joy in every process of life; living independently; swiftness and resiliency; and being able to travel great distances tirelessly and fearlessly.

Size Guide - Available in 2 sizes & lengths

SM 41” (XS-M)/ hips 33-38”/ < 165 cm 5’4” tall
SM 44” > 165 cm 5’4” tall

ML 41” (M-XL)/ hips 38-43”/ < 165 cm 5’4” tall
ML 44” > 165 cm 5’4” tall

Details & Care

Jungle Jetsetter’s Thai Fisherman pants come in our signature 70s-inspired, ultra-flattering flared leg cut. They are easy to dry, easy to take off, and easy to wear in 4 simple steps: Slide in. Wrap. Tie. Fold. Ta-da!

Our fisherman couture is a statement piece, it’s not as delicate as it looks but it requires the right care. It is perfect for the beach and we also offer perfect seamless light weight shorts for those who plan to show up in the cocktail party in the city or brunch with girl friends.
⁃ High quality statin straps, no other fastening like zip or buttons.
⁃ High quality Guipure lace. Cotton-Polyester textile composition
⁃ Wash separately from other garments in cold water (30 degrees), best by hands.
⁃ For machine washing, a wash bag is highly recommended.
⁃ Flat dry in shade is preferable. If hanging dry, do not use clothespin.
⁃ A sleeker version of Thai Fisherman pants
⁃ Designed for a relaxed fit
⁃ Take the next size down if you wish to achieve a close fit, or take the next size up to achieve a looser fit
⁃ Breathable, medium weight lace, comfortable
⁃ Model is 170 cm / 5’10” tall and is wearing a S/M 41” for cropped length
⁃ Each garment is made one by one and each piece of lace patterns sewn together with the artistic sense.
⁃ Made in Thailand

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