Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - the 3Rs of Sustainability

We would like to encourage customers to steer away from fast fashion brands towards a more conscious wardrobe, with higher quality products that make fashion circular. Please join us in this effort to avoid that your pre loved leggings end up in landfills! We kindly ask you to donate clean, laundered items.  

1. Minds

Here they provide retail training to adults with intellectual disabilities. This initiative gives them the opportunity to interact with customers, and to develop social skills. Sales proceeds go to their MINDS trainees as allowance. For more information:

2. Something Old Something New

A shop and platform to train adults recovering from mental health issues, to boost their skills and assist in the reintegration process. It’s also a “green” enterprise which operates with the “reduce, reuse and recycle” principles. Donations at Farrer Park, Pasir Ris, Woodlands and Yishun outlets. Website:

3. Uplift Project

Is volunteer-run Organisation that provides women communities with the opportunity to own bras. Yes, there are a a few overseas communities such as the Solomon Islands and Fiji, where bras are highly unattainable. How to donate, please click  Breast feeding and mastectomy bras also appreciated. 

4. Wacoal

Recycle any of your old or damaged bras. Their Bra Recycle programme aims to gather old bras and turn them into eventual products. From 25 Wacoal outlets, you can get a Bra Recycling Bag to store your old bras, and drop the package off into their bra recycling bin. FB page: 

5. Visio Optical9. Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME)

HOME  is dedicated to supporting and empowering migrant and vulnerable domestic workers who suffer abuse and exploitation. Their needs include clothing! More info:

6. Greensquare

Greensquare provides free textile recycling services to households and organisations in Singapore. Increasing awareness of the the benefits of reducing, reusing, recycling through engaging youths in schools. All donated items are sorted, the good quality ones are sold to secondhand textile importers in developing countries. The worn out and damaged ones are sold to industrial cleaning cloths. Website:

7. Salvation Army

Organisation dedicated to the needs of the poor and marginalised in the community without discrimination, and you can easily drop off your used items to their Donation In-Kind booths in this locations: 

9. New2U

This is a store with various used items, an initiative by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations to Proceeds from the store go towards the Star Shelter and the various SCWO Initiatives. More info:

10. Ten Feet Tall (Sport and School Shoes)

I know Gypsy Amazon does manufacture sport shoes, but still I found worth mentioning. Ten Feet Tall polish and pack every pair of donated shoes with a handwritten note from one child to the next wearer who cannot afford a pair of shoes, they go to schools in Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and India. Donation points:

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