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I Dropped Everything, and Moved to Thailand

Alex, was a 36 year old regular guy. He used to live in Sines, Portugal, before he dropped everything and moved to Thailand. Now, 5 years later... he is still here! And I would describe him as a content self employed nomad yogi. Let's find out the reasons and challenges that made him change his life. And how this changes affected him.

Can you describe the feelings that made you drop everything and move to Thailand?
I used to consider myself one more sheep in the herd, before dropping everything. I was a stressed guy, nervous, anxious, irritated with life’s circumstances. I felt a defective part in a mechanism that doesn't work well. I felt that my happiness depended mainly on aleatory external factors like for instance, the weather, economy and politics, the news, how much money was left at the end of the month. I looked around and saw people with the same symptoms as mine. People complaining that they didn't have a job and others complaining because they had one but weren't happy with it either, because they didn't have time for their families or themselves. I felt simply one more.
How was your life before the "Dropped Everything”?
Before dropping everything i had stressed life, lead mostly by fears and nonsense. Stress for every inherent problems of a so called normal life. The feeling of being always on the edge of the abyss, close to financial struggle. The concerns about fuel price rising up, tax increase, the fear of lacking resources. I afraid of being one of those, that keep on working in something that one doesn't like, to buy stuff to fill a house not even knowing why, in a sort of obligation. 
Why did you decide to quit your old life?
The decision to break up with the life I was living came naturally. It was due to a inner change, that the rest of the world also began to change. I always heard the saying: "Do you want to change the world? Change yourself" but until then, it was just a pretty sentence worthy a "Like" on Facebook. After truly changing my thoughts, I realised that the world changed around me. I believe that the way we see the world is a reflection of our mind and inner state. I changed important habits of my life and cut with everything which made me feel bad, like watching TV or being with people that I felt no connection with. I started to be at peace in the middle of the society chaos. It was with this inner peace that my perception of the world, completely changed. If I'm well within myself, all things that surround me seem to be more pleasant too. 
What did you take with you, to your new life?
Due to my inner change, I started to value more experiences and moments than piling up stuff, reason why what I brought in my luggage, was indeed, very little. Three or four T-shirts, three or four shorts, slippers, documents, computer and my Kite-surf gear.
But of course, I took with me my computer & interpersonal skills, which allow me to make my living wherever I go.
How did you feel when you were sitting in the airplane?
When entering the airplane I felt that I was taking the biggest step of my life, felt anxiety but lots of hope and happiness for having released myself from the moorings that held me to a world which was no longer mine.
Why Thailand?
I always liked the idea of living a never ending summer. Here I have temperatures above 25ºC all year, paradisiacal beaches, palm trees, people with a way of life totally different than what I was used to. I have also changed my food habits, and started practicing yoga almost every day.  Thailand is a great place for that too.
Have you found what you were looking for?
- Undoubtedly, I have improved external life’s conditions, with a more suitable lifestyle… including tropical beaches with sea water temperatures up to 38º C, surrounded by a fantastic jungle, green all year.
- I feel safe. I leave the door of my house open all day long, even when I travel. 
- I found people from all over the world with the same lifestyle and with whom I can share experiences.
- But mainly, I found myself.
Would you say you start or restart? Why?
I feel I started my life. I began to be who I am, doing what I enjoy and feeling good about it, most of the time. I feel connected with everything, feel free. I feel that the purpose of our lives is to be happy.
Would you drop everything again?
Certainly. After dropping everything the first time all becomes easier. For me it wasn't so complicated, even in the first time, it was a natural change of my state of mind. It was the liberation from old habits, places and routines. That’s when I noticed I had everything while having nearly nothing.
And now, who are you?
I am part of a whole, a whole involving everything that exists. Part of an energy source to whom we all belong. Despite of an individual being with my own characteristics and thoughts, I'm the representation of something superior, experiencing this physical form.
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